About Us

We are professional trappers who stop or control problems with wild animals, birds, and snakes that enter uninvited into man made structures, homes, businesses, or properties. We use humane methods of lethal and non-lethal animal control including trapping, venting, and block-out techniques as available and permitted by law in the states, cities, and counties we service.

We remove the following:

  •  Skunks that damage gardens & make dens under porches/in crawlspaces
  • Bats from attics and eaves
  • Pigeons from rooftops
  • Swallow nests from stucco, log siding, exterior walls and eaves
  • Voles that dig and tear up root systems and destroy lawns
  • Woodpeckers that drill in cedar siding and stucco
  • Gophers and moles from damaging gardens and golf courses
  • Feral cats from neighborhoods and parks
  • Mice from attics, walls, basements, crawlspaces, etc.
  • Raccoons from attics and chimneys
  • Rats and squirrels from attics, flower gardens, yards, commercial and
  • industrial property
  • Beavers from rivers, lakes and ponds

Residential Services

At Wildlife Management Services, we are the nation’s leading residential animal control company with over 25 years of experience in animal removal services, including wild animal control, wildlife relocation, dead animal removal, animal trapping, animal damage repair and more.  

Commercial Services

When it comes to commercial animal control and removal services, Wildlife Management Services' wildlife control specialists are leading the industry with safe and effective animal removal solutions.

Wildlife Management Services

Wildlife Management Services of Tennessee for humane effective wild animal control. Whether you need a mice exterminator, squirrel trapper, raccoon control, or advice on how to get rid of chipmunks, Wildlife Management Services’ team of certified technicians have the training to take care of your wildlife control problem.  
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Phone: +1 423-336-1680 
119 County Road 737
Calhoun, Tennessee 37309

February  15,2010

 To Whom It May Concern

Recently, we have done business  with Jeff Dixon, at Allied Wildlife Management.   Mr. Dixon was always professional,  answered  our calls quickly, and did an excellent job  of removing  6 skunks!   We highly recommend  this company.


 Bobby & Nola Scott


February 18,2010

 We would like to commend  Allied Wildlife Management on the work they did on two occasions for us in regard to animal issues.  On one occasion

they removed a trapped skunk: from the property and on another eliminated a squirrel problem in our attic. Allied Wildlife was courteous, timely and professional in solving our problems.  They explained up front what they were  going to do and how long it would take.  And they do not harm the animals.

 Mr. & Mrs. JeS Ridgewood Subdivision


April  7, 2007

Dear Sir

Would  you please  see that this gets to the right Department  or person?   My daughter   contacted  someone  to help with a pest problem,  mainly  skunks.

Mr. Jeff Dixon  came out daily for three days, put fresh bait and reset the traps. The  odor  was terrible  but no skunks.   On the fourth day, he went under the house  and physically   removed  a dead skunk!  The problem  stemmed  from a plumbing  job under  the house.   A hole had been left open and the skunks were able to invade.

Mr. Dixon  not only took care of the immediate  problem but also took care of

future  problems.    He repaired the opening.   He knocked  out the jagged  pieces  of old brick and replaced  them with extra bricks we had.  He did an excellent job!   You cannot  tell where  the bricks  were replaced.

I'm  sure this  was not his responsibility  but he saw an elderly  woman that needed his expertise  and gladly  helped.   I just wanted to express my gratitude.

Sincerely   grateful,

Lyra  Skinner


Subj:         THANK YOU

Date:       2119/2010



 Hi Jeff,

 Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you!  I don't know what we would have done if you had not come to our rescue. As you know I was in a panic! I mean panic, not knowing what to do. You were so prompt to come and take care of the "creatures"  and give us helpful information. It is also great 'that you can find the

points of entry and then repair them. You would think that we lived in the middle of a

wildlife reserve I First the skunks on numerous occasions, then the huge opossum you had to lasso and pull out from under the house, the racoons. Now skunks again. This time we did catch them on camera so you could tell how many you had

to deal with this time. It is so amazing that you can capture them so humanely and then take them out in the country to release back into nature without causing that "unforgettable  odor". You are so good at your job!

 Thanks again for saving OUR life and conserving our WILD Lifel We are recommending  you to our Homeowners   Association.